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Take care of your employees with Boxmech products

Work with your head, not with your back!

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Tippers for euro boxes

safe unloading

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Easy and safe

emptying of containers

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Mobile tippers

for buggies

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Tipper and emptying table

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For bakers and confectioners

tippers for bowls

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For the meat and fish industry

tippers for insulated containers

BOXMECH stainless steel tippers for food processing


Take care of your employees and your business with the BOXMECH tippers.

Nowadays a healthy employee is at a premium. Lifting and emptying containers, drums and bowls filled with semi-finished products has serious risk of back injury. Back injuries and other injuries caused by lifting can be catastrophic for both the employee and the employer. Yes ... sick leave is a nightmare for employers and for production managers responsible for maintaining production continuity.


That is why BOXMECH comes to the rescue as a mobile and reliable "employee" who can work non-stop, never gets tired and does not go to sick leave. The largest industrial factories have trusted us and appreciated our tippers. Please contact our sales department.


"Our idea was to create tippers that would be as simple as possible, taking into account design and operation" says Paweł, BOXMECH tippers constructor.


BOXMECH tippers - No. 1 in food processing!

Taking care of employees' health and increasing the speed and efficiency of production is a basic priority. The times when trucks were unloaded manually are out of date. The same with unloading the contents of containers, barrels or bowls. No one can imagine that the half-tone content of such a container can be emptied by hand. BOXMECH meets the expectations of our customers. Our mobile tippers can be adapted to any type of transport and storage packaging functioning on the market.


Stainless steel tippers are top quality. The standard design is ideal for unloading products placed in pallet boxes, crates, baskets and many other containers. The biggest advantage of tippers is their ergonomics, which reduces the risk of accidents and increases operator safety. Their hygienic construction allows washing under high pressure.

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